Paul Cézanne - Chateau Noir 1903-1904

Chateau Noir 1903-1904
Chateau Noir
1903-1904 73x93cm oil/canvas
The Museum Of Modern Art‎ New York

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From The Museum Of Modern Art‎, New York:
After settling in Aix, France, in 1899, Cézanne ventured daily into the surrounding Provencal landscape in search of subjects to paint. Chateau Noir, a recently constructed neo-Gothic castle designed to mimic aged ruins, captivated him. He repeatedly represented this structure and also painted from its grounds, where he had an unobstructed view of nearby Mont Sainte-Victoire, another favored subject. As is typical of landscapes executed late in his career, Cćzanne applied thick paint in broad, multihued swatches.