Paul Cézanne - View of Gardanne 1886

View of Gardanne 1886
View of Gardanne
1886 92x74cm oil/canvas
Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, New York, USA

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From Brooklyn Museum:
Cézanne juxtaposes the blocky geometries of the townscape with the curling organic forms of rolling hills and vegetation. The shifting planes of the angular roofs and subtly shaded façades anticipate the experiments of the Cubists in the early twentieth century. Cézanne investigates tone as well as form, matching the warm ochers, oranges, and reds of the architecture with the cool, smoky blue-green of the foliage. An unfinished work with large visible expanses of a cream base coat, this picture provides insight into Cézanne’s working process, with traces of graphite underdrawing and tentative squiggles of black paint.